We’ve got a new Gin for you. It’s called the Che Guevara 100% Revolutionary


Just a short missive. We’re pleased to bring you a new Gin, the fantastic Che Guevara Gin. It’s 40% ABV, distilled in Yorkshire with (among other things) Thyme, Rosemary & Grapefruit.

It’s a boutique Gin. The red colouring is for effect only. So I’m told.

It forms part of our Brigadista Range (the beer is to follow next week).

We’ve had to make tiny increases in the price of the Gins due to circumstances beyond our control. We think it is related to leaving the EU, but we are not certain. The bastard price rise in post is down to privatisation.

Sadly, we cannot sell or send this outside of the UK, but our unqualified legal counsel, Kerry, is an experienced bootlegger and will cross the Irish border for crisps and the love of a good man with his own fishing boat, car and teeth.

When you’ve finished with the bottle you can make great use of it in many nefarious ways. It’s revolutionary, after all!

And there’s more

As well as the Gin there is a T-shirt and a sexy poster.

We’re very proud of our range of posters, seeing them up on the wall and nicely framed makes it all well worth it. The first 25 have also been signed by the artist. Just be careful to use the drop down part when ordering if you only want the Che poster.

As for the T-shirt, at the moment we only have a piss artist’s impression of how they look. An original is currently on its way to one of our volunteer models.

Because we love you, we’re giving you 5% off the Brigadista Range when you enter GINOFFER at the check out. This also covers the poster(s) and the T-shirt(s). Offer is valid until midnight on Saturday. As always, if you want bulk, get in touch with us directly at tufacshop@gmail.com or by telephone and speaking to Albert the thespian on 07393 489103.

Be kind to one another. It’s Socialism and Gin or Barbarism and warm beer. Also, if you’re new to this/us, click on the blue links. They take you to the product(s) in question.