Update: New pin supporting women’s football, discounts, Gin and disco

We haven’t sent an email for a while as we were engulfed with sadness, anger, lust and cheese sandwiches for the past week or so.

Our dear friend Romano Colombini received a lot of publicity in Italy with his passing and much was made in his home of Brescia of his relationship with us. So much so, the local paper used our profile pic of him in their story and made Belfast violinist Mick Conlon an ‘honorary’ Brit (if there is such a thing/if it was an honour for an Irishman) when reporting his beautiful lament of Bella Ciao which marked Romano’s passing.

We Support Women in Football

The benefits of playing sport etc, etc aside, women’s football is a good way to help ensure we see more women getting roles in the professional game. From officiating and administration to commentating and coaching. But it is also a stand alone sport. Women’s football isn’t there to mimic the men’s game, it is there to be competitive in its own right. For many young women and girls it also helps widen their social networks and opportunities, builds confidence and can also provide alternative employment opportunities. It’s also fun.

AFC Unity in Sheffield go a step further. You can read about them here, on their website.  They are a proper, progressive football club working in the community in Sheffield. They are also backing a campaign to employ a full time union organiser in the city to ensure workers are getting a proper and living, wage. Young people and women in particular are among those most in need of the support of a Union. We have produced this pin badge to support them. You can buy it from us, or from them. We’re taking pre-sale orders here. Once more, we are totally underwhelmed by the quality of our own photography.

Nev’s been reading up on Irish history

What with our Irish trip fast approaching, Nev has been hitting the history books.  What with the pubs there being closed, its unlikely he’ll be hitting any bars. We have produced a TUFAC Connolly T-shirt and a TUFAC Connolly satchel.
Initially there were only ten satchels, but after he got pissed last night and burnt his hand, we are now down to six. Good work, Nev!

That Wakes football shirt

They have finally been despatched around the world. No Australian orders for this one, however. C’mon Skippy, pull your finger out and buy a Wakes album. These obviously proved very popular once the sales had finished. Apparently it is the best football shirt we have ever done.

That’s very nice of those of you who tell us that to have told us that. Just you wait, however….  it can only get better.


The Two-Tone Gin is now sold out. But check this baby out… 40% ABV dry, Yorkshire Gin

Unfortunately we are unable to ship it out of the UK, but Kerry, our unqualified legal counsel, is prepared to drive from the six counties to most places in the Republic with bottles hidden in her school bag for the price of two pints of Beamish and a packet of Taytos. Apparently she is running some kind of crisp racket north of the border

We do Brandalism

Some people have pointed out the labelling on our latest Gin is similar to that of a German sport’s manufacturer. After an extensive investigation by the Produce &  Dolmio committee, we believe the label looks nothing like the Puma brand, but thanks for the head’s up. The Gin is a good as ever. The distiller, ‘Fat Tony’, whose real name is Edward, is very happy with this one. He says he made it with Heather. I have no idea who Heather is, because his wife’s name is Donna. Bizarrely, Donna used to work in a Kebab shop in Carlisle and when he was dating her he used to say “I’m going for a Donna…” to his first wife. That’s actually a true story.

The Belfast Trip

The full itinerary for the September trip is Belfast-Cork-Dublin, but as yet we have not been able to secure a venue for the ‘Big Night Out’ in Belfast due to Covid restrictions. We held an emergency Zoom meeting/piss up on Thursday evening and decided we would go ahead with the trip and Kerry has suggested we just have a massive pub crawl around Belfast and charge people 90p to touch Nev.  So, we’ll be announcing where we are meeting on the 25th very soon. If it’s the Hewitt again, Mr M will have to hope they have forgiven him for the incident when his catheter leaked all over his new Adidas during an open mic night last Christmas.

Christmas Funding

On a semi-serious note, TUFAC will be making some donations to good causes (preferably not just to charities) in the run up to Christmas.  People who are on this mailing list (i.e our friends and customers) are invited to make suggestions or even applications as to what or which causes we will support. These causes (as you will be aware) are not restricted to just the UK. We have been proud to contribute to Antifascists in Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, US and Italy previously. And we will continue to do so. At a meeting of the Pregnancy & Firework Committee it was declared that we will not fund organisations that are engaged in terrorism. Just to clarify that further, that is not the Donald Trump interpretation of terrorism. We will consider anyone genuinely advancing and progressing the aims of Antifascism, anti-racism, Trade Unionism and the working class.

Christmas Stock

We don’t like to brag, but some of the stuff we have coming out in time for your Christmas stocking/Secret Santa/Winter Orgy is amazing.
We really do want to thank the lazy bastard in charge of our procurement. How he managed to get a beanie here in time for the (short-lived) heatwave but failed to get the flipflops, thongs, gentleman’s hanky, cufflinks and barbecue tongs here for summer is beyond us. But in all seriousness, if you liked the Adidad sport sock, you will love what is coming. When we only had a few hundred people on our mailing list we asked what they wanted and they told us to keep improving the stock and to be more adventurous. Because we try and be as ethical and affordable as possible, our mark-ups are not massive, in fact it’s quite low in some cases, but we remain committed to getting our message on as many usable, wearable and quality items as possible. You’ll ******* love Yuletide at TUFAC.

Nearly Gone

The Partisan badge is nearly all gone. Buy it here or forever hold your peace (or in Nev’s case, piece). We’ve dropped the price to £3.00 to get rid of them.

Party for the Partisans

We’re still waiting for one of our sponsor’s to cough up, but this will be the party of the year. Get yourself booked into the venue (there is a very decent hostel attached) and start preparing now to be blown away by a sexy day and night out. DJ Marzipan and DJ Nevski will be joined by the LAMAD DJ sound system (people who go to watch West Ham will be familiar with them) as well as some fantastic live bands.


There’s 15% off all our badges (except the AFC Unity one) until 3pm tomorrow if you enter the code DISCOBUNNY at check out.

The Shower Jacket/Coat

it was great to see one of our tracksuit tops down at the Valley today as Charlton fans staged another in a long list of protests about their club’s owners.
Let’s see where the shower jacket ends up!