The 1936 People’s Olympiad poster and win £50 to spend on us…

Good morning,

In our rush yesterday we forgot to mention a fundraiser we are doing for the International Brigade Memorial Trust (and an antifascist boxing club in Madrid). So we are sorry for contacting you so soon after the last email.

In 1936 the world watched (or perhaps, listened on the wireless) to the events in Nazi Germany where the world’s finest athletes were competing in an Olympic games where many athletes were forced to Nazi salute in honour of the regime there.

It could have been a lot different. If not for the outbreak of civil war, the Catalan government had arranged for an alternative, People’s Olympiad  to take place in Barcelona.

Sadly, the alternative Olympiad never took place as Nazi and fascist bombs rained down on Spain and Catalonia.

In 2016 the Catalan government produced a poster to commemorate the games that never were, and we are re-producing (with some slight variation) the same poster in A3, for you. We’ve always made beautiful and topical posters and this one is no different. It’s amazing.

£7 from each sale will be donated to the International Brigade Memorial Trust (IBMT) and an Antifascist boxing club in Madrid. As an apology for contacting you so soon after the last boring missive, we are offering you two things. Firstly, each poster will be sent first class by parcel force (UK only, obviously), and each person that purchases the poster will go into a draw to win £50 to spend at TUFAC.

And don’t worry. If you have already bought one from the twitter promo, you will still go into the draw.

There are only 40 of these beauties, so we think/hope they will go quickly.  The £50 winner will be drawn next Sunday night. Buy here

Good luck