Spanish Republican Gin, Big Night Out in London, Delivery Updates…

Just a quick one:

The Spanish Republican Gin has sold so well we have had to order more. I suppose we should, at this stage, remind you to drink it responsibly. Once the new batch is gone, that will be it.

Fleg Dispute

The TUFAC flag should be with those who ordered it by next Wednesday. A few days later than we anticipated. I’m not going to blame Nev for that, though it is entirely his fault.

‘The Wakes’ To Headline Party for the Partisans

Having had to cancel our hotly anticipated ‘Party for the Partisans’ due to have taken place last month, we are delighted to report Glasgow’s finest, ‘The Wakes’ will now be headlining the rescheduled gig in January.  The Wakes played (along with a few other on this bill) at the same venue in Sarf London a couple of years ago. Some of us are still recovering! It promises to be one hell of an evening. We are currently locked in intense negotiations to bring a veritable superstar over from Ireland to also perform. I say “intense” negotiations, but it may have been “in tents”.  Was very hard to understand what Duffy was saying.

Anyway, it will be one hell of a gig. If you haven’t seen The Wakes live before, you have never seen them. Simple as that, innit? Tickets here.


Bit of a duff/stupid idea on our part last week to offer two free books to people. 67 people responded which means it was very difficult to access my recipe email from Better Homes & Gardens. Anyway, it’s on sale on our shop now.

Dirty Tom from the TUFAC literature & Livestock sub committee who negotiated the deal, says he can get Collins to sign them if you buy one and want it signed. Just leave a message etc, etc, etc. Apparently they once shared a taxi.

The TUFAC Tracksuit Tops

The tracksuit tops are on target to be at the shed this Friday. Depending on what time they get to the shed, we are confident many of them will be in the post to those that ordered one by Friday night. I know it’s traditionally POET’s Day, but under lock down there is no longer any need to sneak off early on a Friday. The lads are bladdered every day.

James Connolly Football Shirt

A few people have contacted us about the James Connolly football shirt. Alas, we really cannot add any more units to the order. The idea of a pre-order is to order them in advance to reduce the cost/wastage. Others have contacted us asking where they are. They remain as stated when ordered, on target for mid July- unless there is a second outbreak of Covid, which is a chilling thought.

Keep safe and well.

It’s Socialism or barbarism.

And if you made it this far, the discount for this week is on the Adidad Antifascist T-shirt. Just enter ADIDADJUNE at the check out, expiring on Saturday.