Our massive 12 day give away and update

Good moaning,

Just a brief update. Nev and Flat Stanley are working flat out in the shed to get your T-shirt and other orders to you in time for Christmas. Please remember- we do not hold stock, so each garment is made individually. We’re doing our best!!

There is a slight, very slight hold up on the framed version of the Barcelona Olympiad posters. We hope these will be leaving on Tuesday. The poster has raised £149 so far for the International Brigade Memorial Trust. And they do look ace… The one above was framed by a very happy recipient of the unframed version.

Parcel Post

Despite promises to the contrary, parcels are still taking ages to arrive. It’s the added pressure of COVID on top of the Christmas rush, we guess. This has also caused us some grief as we wait for our deliveries to arrive. Notably this has been with frames and envelopes, and also the delivery of beer and Gin. DHL have a dozen cases of beer for AB somewhere between Sunderland and Plymouth.

12 Days of Christmas

People following on us Twitter will be seeing the constant updates of the monies we are contributing to good causes suggested by people on this mailing list. We should hit £6,000 in Christmas solidarity contributions by the middle of next week. I’m afraid we can no longer take any more suggestions

Donations so far:

  • Magpie Project (London), £700
  • Freedom for Ocalan (International), £350
  • Movement of Asylum Seekers (Ireland) £350
  • Gloucester Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers, £350
  • Crisis This Christmas, £705.50
  • Cliftonville FC’s Sponsor a Child, (Northern Ireland), £350
  • Babybank Network, £350
  • Street Football Wales, £350

Don’t forget, our phone is always on and we love hearing from you. AB and DJ Marzipan have some great new stock coming in the new year. So save a penny or two…

Be kind to strangers,

Keep safe