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Just a follow up from last week’s long-winded, drunken email. After much deliberation and discussion, we can confirm Party for the Partisans will go ahead (government decisions permitting) in January.  The deciding factor is that we should strive to show solidarity with live music venues and that all artists’ have agreed to smaller fees.  The capacity has been cut by (much) more than half and will now be seated.  Robb Johnson will also now appear as solo instead of with The Irregulars. Due to the drastic cut in capacity, there are now only four tickets remaining. There can be no guestlist or exceptions. LAHAD sound system will no longer be able to perform.


We are in discussions with a very professional young man who can stream the whole event professionally. We shall be offering exclusive online access for something stupid like £3 which we hope will make up the short-fall to the women’s refuge we are aiming to raise funds for. It’s fair to say the gig will now not be generating the sort of windfall we anticipated. It will in fact generate near to bugger all.

For the streaming fee you’ll get to see great acts like Joe Solo, Robb Johnson, Maddy Carty and The Wakes tread the boards at the prestigious venue. Nev will also remain fully clothed for a small fee. We’ll update you on this after Dec 2nd.

TUFAC Antifascist Golden Pale Ale.


For those who ordered it before Sunday (yesterday), unless you live in Northern Ireland or the extreme wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, delivery is expected to you tomorrow or Wednesday.
The brewery is now brewing a second batch. I know people are always interested to know who the brewer is, but we do hope you will appreciate that given the nature of the beer it is not particularly wise to advertise where such business it taking place. The last thing they want is a muppet like Tommy Robinson turning up with a gang of his bad babysitters and disturbing people that actually work for a living.  The brewer is listed on the product as that is a requirement of law.

Northern Republic


Some extraordinarily good news today when the Irish government announced plans for a new Consulate General for the North of England.  They have heard your prayers. Apparently, come the revolution, they have agreed to install Sir Marcus Rashford as the Prime Minister of the north.  Rashford will carry out his duties whilst also playing for Crystal Palace. In Penge.

There’s also a bit of a bargain on the Northern Republic stuff.  You can get all the stuff below for a bargain £26.00  The badges and snoods are due next week. Order here and save £10.00

London 0 Gin 4

As many orders as possible will be in the post to those that ordered it, tomorrow.

Keep well, it’s Socialism or Barbarism.