No heavy petting for Bono, an (alleged) artist’s impression, plus a discount

Last week’s email caused a sensation with not one, but two people tweeting us seeking clarification over its content. Yes, we can confirm, we will be bringing our fully automated alcohol consumption to Ireland (virus and weather permitting), before the end of the year. Or in the new-year.

Our international travel secretary, ‘Fat Dave’, has already begun substantial negotiations with barber and kebab shops, checking their availability. Early indications are we could be stung for up to ten quid for a Kekab.

These nights, which we call ‘Big Night Outs’ are often a drunken disgrace with live music, heavy petting, DJ Marzipan (he used to be in the Penge Operatic Society) spinning cassettes and lots of our merchandise either heavily reduced or purloined.

If any interested party or parties want to help us by volunteering to help plan or organise a night of excellent music, booze and company, get in touch. Except Bono. He can do one.

Another piece of excitement was the mention that we may have a high brow training top in the planning.  A woman from N17 wrote to us asking “Do you have any more details about the training top?”

I’m pleased to confirm we do, thanks.

The new members’ badge sold reasonably well once we had sent a follow up email with the actual link to it. What surprises us is that until then, nobody had bothered to hunt it down in the webshop where it was sitting obviously hidden. I have to say Comrades, the thought of an Easter Egg hunt with some of you is positively underwhelming.

Just a reminder, that if you have not taken advantage of the reduced prices offered on the badge, the keyring or both combined, the offer will end when we get back from the police station tomorrow.

We had an emotional weekend with greetings and salutations exchanged with our many friends and comrades in Italy who were having to endure muted celebrations of Liberation Day.

Our ‘Partisan Promotion’ raised £50 for the ANPI in Brescia to continue their terrific work and we also exchanged pleasantries and photos of home-made Victoria Sponges with those nice young men and women from Livorno Skins. That they took time out from a broadcast of Ska, reggae and punk to state their love for TUFAC was really warming.

It was a rare and wonderful sight to see so many people sharing photographs of themselves wearing our football shirt in solidarity with Italian Antifascists. Nev, too tight to fork out for a football shirt (despite owning a three-bed Winnebago), worked naked in the shed with Antifascist scrawled upon his chest and some of his mum’s lipstick curving the red sash down his torso in solidarity. Later he modelled some of his underwear with a brown sash down the back and a fully functioning leaking fountain down the front.

You may have seen we ran a quick fundraiser on the weekend for Hazards Magazine which yielded £75 we were able to pay them this morning. These people do magnificent work in campaigning and caring for the bereaved families of workers who die at work. It was fitting we made the payment today, on International Workers Memorial Day. There are still some of those left here.

As for new product, well, you’ve seen the badge, seen the Tshirt, and we have now put Nev’s magnificent design on a bottle of Gin.  Our Gin is made by Brigadista/Trade Union Pale Ale and like everything they do, not only is it excellent, it is expensive.   This new addition has very little profit margin, but we hope it raises the profile of TUFAC and also allows a few of us a sneaky snorkel of some booze that upsets fascists.

This latest Gin is toffee flavoured. Surprisingly, or not, a few people have expressed doubt about the very idea of mixing toffee with Gin but our quality control lush, Billy, smashed three trial bottles of the stuff before giving it the thumbs up.  I mean, seriously, toffee tastes better than Rhubarb for a start!

We do believe that it doesn’t matter that the label looks good, if the quality is shite. We apply that to everything we do. This is an excellent boutique Gin (42% ABV) that is very smooth and very moorish.  Nice with a slice and limited in quantity.

There’s a short run going on this new design, ‘Clothing for Comrades’ which was the original branding of TUPAWEAR, the label we bore out of frustration before three small groups of lefty football fans converged on a small bar in Hamburg in 2017 to form TUFAC. And what a day that was.  If you would like 15% off the Tshirt, just enter the code HAMBURG at checkout.  You may notice we have done an “artist’s impression” of the Tshirt. A piss artist’s by the look of it..

Offer expires on 7th May- which is when we actually hope the new key rings and badges arrive.

Our excellent stickers are back! Take them out for a walk with you.

Other new products are on the way soon, including another football shirt we hope will please many of you who missed out on the last one. The samples of the shirt are currently being QC’d and we will make one slight adjustment before offering it out. Let us know if you are interested in having first dibs- there will be a discount for members of the mailing list.

The training top/tracksuit top that Mrs N17 asked about is nearly ready to head into sample production. That we are able to now move into commissioning for ourselves quality garments should prove that you can be ethical and still make great, affordable product. We genuinely feel the product and the brand are moving forward at an amazing pace and just keeping up with both our own ambition and desires and the ethics that brought us together while remaining football traveling, heavy drinking, aging but well behaved and non-profit is a fantastic achievement. No one takes or makes a penny- Nev is an outside contractor and dear friend with a small business who makes each tshirt and printed product to order. That’s it. Our mission is to spend every available penny on furthering our aims and reliving the burden on those who serve the interests of our class.

We value your input, opinion and where possible, cooperation as much as ever. Our modus operandi is to spread progressive, antifascist politics and Trade Unionism as fashionably, seditiously and affordably as possible. We’re outlaying as much as is reasonable to bring you better and a more diverse range of product as possible.  Our production runs are still small which makes our margins small but also allows us greater control of our designs and products and helps keep what you buy from us just a tad exclusive. (Except the pin badges- we’re flogging those left, right and centre).

At the moment we are negotiating to produce product we hope will help benefit and raise the profile(s) of people with whom we share affinity. And beer.  So there’s more excitement to come!

If you found yourself on this mailing list, it will be because you bought something from us that somehow meant you share those same tastes or even goals. If you would like your name taken off the mailing list, just email us back and we’ll make sure that happens.

Keep safe and well.