Good MPs aren’t hard to find, TUFAC Black Label Gin, discount code, New Snood, Nev is rude etc

Good afternoon/evening,

Firstly, we should welcome the 129 new people who’ve joined the mailing list since our last email a week ago.

Many of them have received last week’s email within the last few days as it is now done automatically when they shop with us, request to go on the list or Nev manages to hack into their Tinder account.

A hint of melancholy?

Some of you were concerned that I may have ended the last email on a sad note, a hint of melancholy perhaps.  Nevertheless, none of you were concerned enough to send flowers or booze. It was a bad week.

Isn’t everyone Antifa?

We’re not going to go over that horrendous event in the US last week specifically, suffice to say the aftermath may need some addressing and this in not entirely the place or forum to do so. However…

We are Antifascist. We are against racism, fascism and Nazism and its bedfellows- AltRight, NewRight, DogShite.  Things that form part of that tradition as [British] Antifascists are things like Cable Street, Lewisham, Walthamstow and as internationalists, The International Brigades in Spain, Partisans, the Allied Armies defeating Nazism in Europe and further,  its axis in the far east soon after that.

The rioting in the United States is unfortunate, but not as ‘unfortunate’ as the apparent persistence law enforcement in that country has for killing people of colour. And then there is the ‘whataboutery’ of another dead black American versus some smashed shop windows. Social media is full of comfortable people pointing to other unjust things happening but they are not so overly keen on pointing out or addressing the cause and effect of the deaths of and institutional ill-treatment of black people.

Trump blames the violence in many US cities not on the racism and murder directed by the state against people of colour, but on ‘Antifa’. He describes Antifa as “terrorists.”

Antifa is short for Antifascist. Our grandparents fought Nazis (given the chance), so does that make them “terrorists” in Trump’s eyes?  And this is not the first time Trump has tried to label Antifascists as some kind of terror organisation- an organisation that simply does not exist.

‘Antifa’ is a term to describe people who want to tackle injustice, the causes of it and those that perpetuate it. That is why Trump wants to silence ‘Antifa’, because he is building his America on fear and persecution and those there who stand up to that, need to be silenced to make reversing that ever downward trajectory impossible to do.

When we formed TUFAC (in a dingy little bar in Hamburg in 2017) we had only two missions: The first was to get drunk and get to the football in time for kick off and secondly, to ensure our ideals about fairness, decency, tolerance, solidarity, anti-racism, Antifascism and Trade Unionism would prevail in a fair and just world for all.

With this in mind, last night the Committee made a £250 donation to The International Antifascist Defence Fund.

Tonight, in the UK, #bluelivesmatter was trending on Twitter. It gives you an idea of what people face everywhere.

I’m not privy to the exact figure, but I believe that is around £5500 TUFAC has donated to individuals and organisations so far this year. And there will be more to come.

A good MP is not impossible to find

Contrary to popular opinion, not all MPs are bad. Above is the MP for Warrington North, Charlotte Nichols, standing up for Antifascism while wearing one of our T-shirts.

Key rings finally arrive!

They arrived at the shed yesterday morning. I was so excited and grateful that I gave the man from FedEx a knee-trembler on the doorstep. They’re now being despatched and if you ordered one (or two) they will be with you well before the FedEx driver shows his face around here again. Sadly, there is some kind of issues with the shirts, so it looks like next week you’ll be getting them. Feel free to phone and swear at someone.

Snoods and towels

Despite the shed having lots of both the beach towel and the tea towel, Nev has neither bathed or done the washing up this week. Do we really have to bring out TUFAC soap so that he finally gets the message????

The Bella Ciao snood has sold very well and there are only a few left. As promised we now have the No Pasaran snood in production. Expect that to be ready to hit your doorstep around the 4th July- if not before hand.  Being on our mailing list means you can order one now with a whopping 15% off. Simply enter PASARANSNNOD at the check out. That offer will expire on Sunday.


You may recall a few years ago (2018, I think) Trade Union Pale Ale made us a lovely ‘Black Label’ Gin. Well, we have done it again, but in mini bar size. And, the gin is as black as the label! But don’t panic Mr Mannering, that is just a trick the distiller used. It is still high quality Gin but in a 50ml bottle. We have decided to make it part of a very limited number of ‘TUFAC’ Boxes’ where along with other stock, we sell them all to you at a bumper discount. The badge, bandana and snood  sent may vary with each order, but the quality won’t. Instead of the £70 (poor approximation on my part) the contents of the box are worth, if you enter TUFACBOX at check out, you’ll get the whole lot for £50 (plus postage) instead. It’s strictly limited to just 20 boxes (that’s the actual number of boxes we have).

1. Bandana  2. Gin  3. Key Ring  4. Face cover  5. Snood  6. Badge   7. Stickers   8. Tea towel  9. Bottle opener  10. TUFAC beach towel.

And finally, James Connolly

We have now hit the quantity required on the Belfast Cuba Support Group fundraiser. We’ll be sending the order to the manufacturer on Sunday afternoon and delivery is expected to you in mid July. I will firm that up with them soon enough. So, get on it today or forever hold your peace.

As we always do, we’d like to sign off by wishing you well and wishing you peace. We love hearing from you and seeing you with our stuff on social media. With the football coming back, that too has meant so have our give-aways on match day. The German football has been a bit expensive actually. Bring back Tottenham nil, we say.

If we can help you, or you can help us, get in contact. It is after all, Antifa or barbarism.