TUFAC’s 12 days of Christmas and other stuff

Good moaning/afternoon, depending on where you are or what time you got out of bed.

Those of you that have been receiving these missives for an extended period of boredom will be aware that we often ask how we can help you to help others etc, etc.  Having listened to you, we have made, we hope, significant contributions not just in the UK and Ireland but across the world to organisations or individuals that have made a difference for the betterment of society.

Last week we sent £500 (I cannot find the sign for Euros on this laptop) to the Debenhams strike fund in Ireland.  Debenhams simply shut up shop nearly a year ago and left workers without their dues. They have even tried to empty their stores to flog the contents on line.  The workers’ have now been on constant picket for over 230 days.  We were absolutely touched and delighted to receive a letter from their union’s General Secretary thanking us. This contribution was made entirely from the monies we raise from selling our product to you. So, thank you.

12 Days of Christmas

From the 1st December we shall be sending a further £5,250 into the community in both Britain and Ireland. DJ Marzipan will be announcing the groups/organisations each day on Twitter. Many of the groups are at your suggestion. The TUFAC Christmas card has raised £250 which shall be sent to Women’s Aid to help them continue their work. Sadly, at Christmas, their work becomes even more vital and important.

Christmas Post

You’ll be aware we have been panicking about this since October, so it is only fair once more we remind that the last day we would comfortably guarantee we can deliver to the UK and Ireland is if the order is received by us by the 1st December. There is somewhat a cautionary element in that date, but since the pandemic we have been particularly conscious that postal services across the world are somewhat challenged by both increasing volumes of mail and staff shortages.  The postie didn’t get a clap during the first lockdown, but ours will be getting a bottle of something (probably Ketchup) for all the hard work he has done for us this year.  He was particularly distressed when AB answered the door to him wearing only a dressing gown and slippers and having failed to tie his gown across the waist.

Things like badges and hats should be fine for a little longer, but on printed garments like T-shirts which we make to order, it does take longer.


Your response to the ale was magnificent and we have now completely sold out of it.  All being well, we hope that we will be running not just the award winning Trade Union Pale Ale, but we are in negotiations to also bring back Brigadista Ale for a short period. It is pointless us boring you with the negotiations or troubles we had over such a thing (I think most of it was covered a few emails ago) but with Brigadista in particular, it would fair to say we wanted to ensure the IBMT got a fairer and equitable crack of the monies from it than they did when it was previously available.


Like the beer, that is all now sold out. It will resume in the new year but we do have to sort out one or two issues at our end. That is a reminder to the young man reading this…

Some interesting facts

I know you love these. Here are some interesting facts about you. Starting with where our customers are or were this past year:
England  37%
Ireland 16%
Scotland  23%
Wales  7%
USA   4%
Germany  4%
Other  9%

Most Popular Names

John McGhee- He may have a lot of houses, but John McGhee appears 4 times at different addresses in England, Scotland and Ireland.

Best Selling T-shirts of 2020

1. Northern Republic
2. More Black, More Dogs, More Irish
3. TUFAC St Pauli

Anyway, to move them along, there is a 10% discount this week on the Lonsdale/Hamlet Antifascist T-shirt.